So what you wanna swap today ?

What is Swapie ?

the very new online social market.
Welcome to the all new world of swapping and social marketing.
Swapie basically provides you a fare platform for exchange of general stuffs within colleges , your friends , your community or even in your city ...
  • You can buy/sell
    • General stuffs like
      • bikes
      • Mobiles
      • Electronic stuffs
      • Books
    • your Campus needs
    • your Home needs
    • E-Trash
defining the Biggest 2nd-Hand market for students

With the integration of Facebook, experience the best of social marketing
Swapie lets you connect through your Facebook account so that...
  • You can share your entries on Facebook.
  • People can post comments on your goods
  • and hence, you would have a wider eyeball for your product.